Parents’ Night Out!!! Jan. 20, 5-9pm

At the Presbyterian Church of Barnet, we know that raising a family is hard, under-appreciated, incredibly important work. We want to help any way that we can.

Parents’ Night Out is a chance for younger parents to take a break, have some time for yourself, or your marriage. All brought to you TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE because of our sponsors The Presbyterian Church of Barnet, Morrison’s Feed Bag, The Barnet Village Store, and The Barnet Elementary School.

What to Expect:

Drop off your children  between 4:30-5pm. You will check them in and fill out a short info form. If able, please pre-register by emailing the PNO Child Registration Form to Nick Perrine at If you have already filled out a Child Registration Form, you can email Nick and indicate the number of children you expect to bring.

Children 3-12 will be fed and activities may include playing some games, watching a family-friendly movie, doing a craft, having a lesson that teaches love, kindness, and friendship, and playing more games.

Children 0-3 will play in our nursery and have age-appropriate toys and activities. They will also join in watching the movie.

On the menu is for 12/16/17 is: TBA.  Children with allergies AND children too young for solid food will need to bring their own food.

The movie being shown on 12/16/17 is: TBA

You can pick up your children by signing them out whenever you are ready for them or at 9:00pm (whichever comes sooner).

When and Where:

Parents’ Night Out will be hosted at Barnet Elementary School from 5-9 on January 20th. Upcoming dates include: 2/17/18 (V-Day weekend), 3/17/18, 4/21/18, 5/19/18

So go on a date, get ready for the holidays, plan some Netflix’n’Chill, or just sit in blissful silence. We’ll watch the kids.