Contribute to PC of Barnet

Like all churches we depend on the generously of our members and friends to help us minister to those in our church and community.  PC of Barnet have 5 buildings that we maintain, each one providing a special ministry.  As a church community we have different ministries that need support.  We are thankful for the support that we receive from you.

Besides Sunday Mornings, you can send your contributions to

  1. Treasurer Dennis Kauppila, 68 West Main St, Barnet Vt 05821

2. We have a Paypal account that is safe and secure for you gifts too. You can connect to our Paypal account by clicking on the logo below.


3.  Have you ever thought of supporting the PC of Barnet through your estate?  Charitable bequests, for example, can be written into your will. The bequest can be a stated amount, a percentage of your estate or a residual amount after other expenses have been deducted, left to PC of Barent or any charitable beneficiary you identify. – See more at: Presbyterian-Logo